Tips You Should Consider to Prevent Foot Pain


Do you spend long hours on your feet and often experience foot pain? Nurses, teachers, servers, runners, cashiers and retail workers are examples of the people that spend a lot of time on their feet and need to soothe the aching daily just to make it to the next day. Some people even opt to take pain-relieving medication, thinking that it will avert the situation, but it doesn't.

Standing or running for long hours without rest can cause a number of problems. This occurs when a person's posture is incorrect, making it impossible for the shoes to offer adequate support. Generally, standing incorrectly causes ankle, back and foot pain, including alignment problems. Due to this, it's essential to prevent issues that cause foot pain and alignment issues. This post will offer tips to help you have functional and healthy feet.

Purchase shoes regularly

The first thing you should do to prevent foot pain is to buy shoes frequently — do not use one pair of shoes for months. When you wear shoes for too long, they will get worn out fast. While you might not notice the difference, your feet's health will deteriorate by the day. In fact, some people only replace a shoe when they realise that it's worn out — this is wrong. Tracking your daily steps with a fitness tracker or phone can help you know when the shoes pass their prime so you can get a new pair and avert foot injuries.

Stretch your feet out regularly

Have you incorporated yoga into your exercise regimen? Yoga is a form of low-intensity workout that allows you to stretch out your body systematically to stay fit. Your yoga teacher can customise the routine to help you gain and maintain good posture if you stay on your feet for long hours. This loosens and strengthens the body muscles accordingly, making it easier for you to do your job and other household duties you may have. Some of the yoga poses your yoga teacher may use to relieve ankle and foot pain, and loosen muscles include hero pose, downward-facing dog, bound angle pose and runner's stretch.

Take posture break

Another tip you should consider if you spend the better part of your day in a stationary position is to take circulation or posture breaks. Circulatory sluggishness is the main reason why people feel tired and start experiencing issues like headaches, bad moods and back muscle strain. Changing your posture and walking around for a few minutes will ease the muscle strain and promote blood circulation too.

For more advice on how to handle foot pain, contact a podiatrist.


3 April 2020

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