Common Child Foot Issues That Should Be Treated By a Podiatrist


Is your little one experiencing discomfort or complaining about their feet? The feet are designed to support body weight, so you shouldn't be surprised when your child complains about having foot issues at an early age. Like adults, any foot issue in kids should be addressed right away by a podiatrist as it could cause severe complications and affect their future life. So, what are some of the foot issues that affect kids? Some of these conditions are outlined below.


One of the prevalent foot conditions in kids is verrucae or plantar warts. This foot problem is caused by a highly contagious virus that's known as papillomavirus. The virus is often found in damp areas like swimming pools and can be spread easily to other family members since most homes share bathrooms. Do not hesitate to bring your little one to a reputable foot expert when you notice signs of plantar warts. The expert will examine the foot and remove the infected tissue using the best technique — acid-based remedies, freezing, or needling.

Ankle sprains

Children like moving or playing around all day long. However, one wrong move can easily twist their ankle, making it challenging for them to walk. The good news is that sprained ankles aren't so severe since the bone isn't broken. A simple protocol like resting adequately, icing the area to reduce inflammation, compression, and elevation can boost recovery. Just make sure that a foot expert examines the ankle so they can recommend the best sprain protocol and OTC medication or anti-inflammatories to use.

Heel pain

The growth plate in your child's heel bone can become inflamed when you least expect. Although this foot problem is considered to be temporary, it can make life difficult for your little one. Your child will feel pain, and it'll be challenging to take part in sporting activities or walk. Icing and stretching exercises can help ease the pain over time, but if your child doesn't feel better, be sure to book an appointment with your podiatrist.

Foot odour

Have you noticed that your child's feet are smelly? Smelly feet can be caused by other conditions such as foot fungus or bacterial infection. Ignoring the issue for longer promotes the development of a severe rash or infection. So, it is essential to visit a reputable podiatrist as soon as you notice this issue so your child can get a proper diagnosis and customised treatment.

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9 June 2020

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