3 Simple Things Podiatrists Say You Could Do to Keep Foot Pain at Bay


Did you know that you are likely to have walked over one hundred miles by the time your lifetime elapses? This means you will have circled the earth about four times at the equator. Amazingly, all this may happen courtesy of your feet. 

And since you are always on your feet, you are more likely to develop foot pain from time to time. However, most podiatrists assert that you can prevent it by doing the following simple things.

Enhance Your Flexibility in the Right Way

As you age, your calf muscles are likely to tighten, and this may eventually put a lot of stress on your feet. However, if you find some ways to stretch your calf muscles, you will prevent foot pain in a big way. Most podiatrists recommend that you stretch these muscles a few times a day using the approved techniques. 

Nonetheless, you should be careful not to force your heels to go farther than they can go. If you do, you might strain the feet muscles and develop foot pain. So always ensure you use the recommended ways to increase the flexibility of your calf muscles if you want to say no to foot pain.

Always Wear Fitting Shoes

Do you get your feet measured before you buy new shoes? Most people don't do it, and that's why they end up wearing shoes that don't fit their feet. If it's been a few years now since your feet were measured, then you perhaps don't wear right-size shoes today. Wearing the wrong shoe size will only make you more vulnerable to foot pain.

The shape of your feet changes as you age, and you shouldn't dismiss this fact. When you wear tight shoes for a long time, you risk developing ingrown toenails, corns, deformed toes, calluses and bunions that make foot pain inevitable.

Manage Your Weight

If you don't manage your weight and keep it healthy, the excess weight might hurt your feet in a big way. Feet that support excess weight for a long time develop problems that sometimes come with unbearable pain. Where possible, you should always try your best to keep your weight down to avoid unnecessary foot pain.

Even twenty pounds can influence how your feet will function and perhaps trigger foot pain. If your weight can't allow you to engage some rigorous physical activities such as jogging or running, you can try sports activities with a low impact like swimming. This way, you can easily maintain a healthy weight and keep foot pain at bay.

Dealing with foot pain can compromise the quality of your life in a big way because the pain is quite debilitating. Although you are likely to experience foot pain at some point in life, you can determine how severe it will be based on the preventive measures you use. With the three preventive tips above, you are unlikely to develop debilitating foot pain during your lifetime.

For more information or help with foot pain, contact a podiatrist.


16 July 2020

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