Custom Orthotics and You


Chronic foot pain not only makes menial tasks such as walking or running virtually unbearable, but this discomfort steadily impacts your quality of life. And while there is a vast range of reasons why one may develop this problem, you may be surprised to learn that a common fix that could work for your specific problem is wearing custom orthotics.

A major reason why not many people consider this as a viable treatment option is that they presume orthotics are only relevant for senior patients but this is incorrect. Read on to learn about custom orthotics and why a podiatrist would prescribe them for your foot pain.

What is the primary function of custom orthotics?

Contrary to popular belief, orthotics do not adjust the shape of your feet. Instead, these inserts are customised to adapt to the individual contours of your feet. Thus, instead of changing how your foot fits into your shoes, the orthotics help with providing you with additional cushioning, which not only keeps your feet more stable but also eases the strain they are under when you put your weight on them, walk, run and so on.

Take note, though, that custom orthotics are not effective on their own. In usual cases, your podiatrist will prescribe a supplementary treatment regimen to complement the custom foot orthotics such as physical therapy, specialised stretches, anti-inflammation medications and so on.

What conditions would warrant the use of custom orthotics?

The great thing about orthotic inserts is that they are viable for a vast range of foot problems! Hence, you may find that even if your podiatrist has prescribed for one ailment, you may still be able to use the inserts years down the line for a different problem. Commonly, orthotic inserts are employed to remedy deformities in the foot stemming from damaged tendons, ligaments, muscles, bones and so on. These deformities limit foot support, so the custom orthotics make up for this by providing you with much-needed stability.

Furthermore, custom orthotics can be prescribed to manage genetic problems such as high arches and flat feet by helping your feet have better contact with the ground and this works to distribute your weight evenly. Lastly, your podiatrist will prescribe the use of these inserts if they find that your foot mechanics are jeopardised, leading to incessant pain.

What should prompt you to see a podiatrist for custom orthotics?

Several symptoms should prompt you to see a podiatrist who will then determine if you require custom foot orthotics. Some of these signs include pain in your ankles, feet or heels. Additionally, you should see this professional when you experience changes to your gait or posture, develop lower back pain and hip pain. Lastly, if you have been diagnosed with diabetes, it is essential to see a podiatrist.


1 March 2021

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