NDIS Podiatry Provider: 3 Ways You Benefit from Visiting a Podiatrist


Podiatry is a branch of medicine that focuses on the foot. Though the feet play a critical role in supporting the body's weight, many people never give them much attention. The only time you will probably visit is a podiatrist is when a foot problem emerges. Even then, you can choose simple home remedies over professional podiatry care. However, it is vital to take care of your feet by visiting an experienced podiatrist for regular check-ups.

7 April 2021

Straightforward Guide On What You Should Know Regarding Plantar Fasciitis


When your feet are afflicted with pain, it can be challenging to determine what the root cause of the problem is. In some scenarios, the pain could stem from straining, and in others, it could be due to an underlying injury. Knowing the cause of your discomfort is crucial so that you can discern how serious the condition is and seek treatment from a podiatrist quickly. Plantar fasciitis is one of the common ailments that people struggle with when they develop heel pain.

11 March 2021

Custom Orthotics and You


Chronic foot pain not only makes menial tasks such as walking or running virtually unbearable, but this discomfort steadily impacts your quality of life. And while there is a vast range of reasons why one may develop this problem, you may be surprised to learn that a common fix that could work for your specific problem is wearing custom orthotics. A major reason why not many people consider this as a viable treatment option is that they presume orthotics are only relevant for senior patients but this is incorrect.

1 March 2021