Two Tips for Your First Visit to a Podiatry Clinic


If you're going to your first appointment at a podiatry clinic, you should take a peek at the tips below.

Prep your feet

Your feet definitely do not need to look 'pretty' for a visit to a podiatry clinic and as such, you certainly don't need to get a pedicure beforehand. However, it is sensible to do a little bit of prep work, if you are physically able to. For example, if you are seeking treatment for your toenail fungus, removing any nail polish you have on them will make it much easier for the podiatrist to examine the affected nails.

Likewise, if you have a build-up of dead skin around a verruca on your foot, which is obscuring this growth, using a pumice stone to remove the dead skin will allow the podiatrist to get a better look at it. Similarly, if you have quite a bit of hair on your big toe where there is a corn you want to have treated, shaving off this hair should speed up the treatment process at the clinic.

It's important to note that if you are attending the podiatry clinic to have a foot wound treated, you should not attempt to prep your feet in any manner that might worsen the injury, even if you feel that this prep work might help out your podiatrist. For example, if you have an infected diabetic ulcer on your foot, you should not do any pumicing around this area to get rid of any flaking skin, as this could irritate this ulcer.

Don't assume you'll be able to walk or drive after the appointment

Unless your podiatric appointment is just a check-up, you should not assume that you will be able to walk or drive home after the appointment; instead, you should ensure that you have money for a taxi or that someone you know can collect you. Depending on what treatment you have, you may be in pain for a while afterward and this may hinder your mobility. For example, if you have a verruca on the sole of your foot frozen, you may find it painful to stand on that foot or to press the sole against your car pedals. Likewise, if you have part of an ingrown toenail removed, the affected toe will probably feel very tender for several days, and during this time, you will probably find it painful to wear close-fitting shoes or to put any pressure on it.


5 November 2020

Fighting Fungal Infections and Other Issues With Your Feet

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