Mobility Aids Your Podiatrist May Recommend


If you have mobility issues of any sort, you may be more prone to developing foot problems, and foot care, such as washing your feet or clipping your nails, may be challenging for you. A podiatrist can help you determine what mobility aids can help you manage your foot care needs, and they may have some demonstration products you can try during your appointment to determine whether you like them before purchasing your own. Multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease and cerebral palsy are a few examples of health conditions that can impact mobility and lead to foot problems developing. However, you don't need to have an underlying health condition to benefit from mobility aids. Elderly podiatric patients often benefit from using mobility aids to manage their foot care at home.

Here are some of the mobility aids a podiatrist may recommend.

Adaptive Shoes

Adaptive shoes are designed to have a comfortable memory foam insole with extra toe space and a wider opening. They are lightweight and easy to put on with a standard or long-handled shoe horn. These shoes won't rub against corns on bunions and they are light enough to make walking with shoes on less of a chore for those with health problems that leave their legs feeling heavy or stiff and their feet feeling sore. The extra width makes these shoes a comfortable option for those who have to wear orthoses.

Long-Reach Nail Clippers

Long-reach nail clippers allow you to keep your nails trimmed between podiatry appointments without having to stretch or bend. The handle is padded and wide enough to hold comfortably, which helps with cutting precision. You can use these clippers from a seated position, so if your dexterity is limited and you don't want to develop ingrown toenails, your podiatrist can show you how to use long-reach clippers.  

Pedal Exerciser

Those with mobility problems can be at risk of poor circulation, and when this affects the feet they can be more susceptible to infections, injuries and poor healing. A pedal exerciser can be used from the comfort of your favourite armchair and allows you to build strength in your feet and legs while also improving your circulation. The resistance can be adjusted, and your podiatrist will help you determine the most suitable resistance level to get started with.

These are just a few examples of mobility aids that podiatrists may recommend. If you're interested in trying out mobility aids that support foot health, book a podiatry appointment.

Check out a local mobility shop to learn more.


1 May 2023

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