3 Advantages of Minimalist Running Shoes


Barefoot running has been trending for several years, but many people do not want to try it because of the risks of getting a splinter or stepping in something nasty. You can get all the benefits of being barefoot and protect your feet by using minimalist or barefoot-style running shoes. Here are three reasons why these shoes are the healthiest option for runners' feet.

1. Minimalist Shoes Are Foot Shaped

Many of the most common foot problems that podiatrists see are caused by cramming the feet into shoes that have a tapered toe box. Although not as tapered as dress shoes, many running shoes are not wide enough to allow the toes to fully spread. As a result, many runners develop bunions or neuromas in the forefoot due to the sides of the shoe pushing the toes inwards.

Minimalist shoes are designed to mimic the shape of a natural human foot, which means they are wider at the front, while still fitting snugly around the heel. This shape gives the toes room to spread out, reducing the risk of bunions. You might also notice that this style of shoe is less likely to cause blisters and toenail bruising, which are common complaints among runners.

2. Minimalist Runners Strike With the Ball of the Foot

Many running shoes contain a thick layer of padding under the heel. The aim of this padding is to cushion your landing, reducing the risk of a knee or ankle injury. The problem is that padding quickly wears down, which means you could be at risk if you do not replace your running shoes regularly.

Minimalist running brands take a different approach to shoe design. By removing the padding under the heel and offering shoes with a completely flat sole, they encourage runners to land on the balls of their feet. This style of running, known as forefoot running, can be quite hard on the calf muscles, so you will need to ease into wearing minimalist shoes gradually. The advantage of forefoot running is that it leads to much lower rates of knee injuries, as the calf muscle absorbs the force of the landing.

3. Minimalist Shoes Have No Arch Support

If you have always assumed arch support is a good thing, you might be surprised to learn that most runners don't need it. Too much arch support in a shoe can suppress the natural motion of the foot, leading to muscle weakness. 

Reach out to a podiatrist to see what they think the best running shoe would be for you.


13 April 2021

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