Why You Should Visit a Podiatrist Regularly When You Have Diabetes


Living with diabetes is challenging for most patients. However, with competent medical care, this condition can be managed for the long term. Although some individuals may think that diabetes is simply about one's body being unable to process sugar normally, the reality is that this illness affects other aspects of your health. And one of your body parts that can be particularly hard hit is your feet. Therefore, just as one would seek medical assistance from their GP to manage their diabetes, it is just as critical to enlist podiatric diabetic care too.

9 March 2020

Helpful Tips for Diabetes Feet Care


Many people suffering from diabetes experience foot problems. Although anyone can sustain several feet issues, diabetic people are more prone due to the prolonged periods of high blood sugar levels. The two leading feet issues which arise are peripheral vascular and diabetic neuropathy. The two conditions are easy to manage, although they can bring severe complications, especially when the patient does not get medical attention. Here are smart tips to take care of your feet.

28 October 2019