Tips You Should Consider to Prevent Foot Pain


Do you spend long hours on your feet and often experience foot pain? Nurses, teachers, servers, runners, cashiers and retail workers are examples of the people that spend a lot of time on their feet and need to soothe the aching daily just to make it to the next day. Some people even opt to take pain-relieving medication, thinking that it will avert the situation, but it doesn't. Standing or running for long hours without rest can cause a number of problems.

3 April 2020

The Range of Problems Treated By a Podiatrist


If you are suffering from any foot problem, then you better consult a podiatrist. A podiatrist is a specialist who deals with the diagnosis and treatment of all foot and ankle problems. Podiatrists prevent and rectify deformities, restore mobility, and relieve infections. Here are some of the conditions that are covered by a podiatrist. Diabetic Foot Care There are three main concerns about diabetes and your feet. Diabetes affects their sensation, circulation and ability to counter infections.

24 March 2020

What Do You Want to Know About Orthotics?


There is a close connection between your feet, legs and you back. A series of tendons and nerves connect these parts. The interconnection is essential because it coordinates your movements and helps you maintain good posture when sitting, standing and walking among other activities. Sadly, certain parameters can interfere with the health of the body parts mentioned earlier. For example, involvement in a severe road accident, illness and age can lead to a deformity in your legs, feet or back.

23 March 2020

Don't Lose Your Walking Gait! 3 Ways to Treat Bunions


If you have a bunion on your big toe, you have a progressive bone disorder that a podiatrist should correct. Bunions appear on the lower side of the big toe joint. If these bony bumps aren't treated at the right time, they can hinder proper walking in a big way. The bony bumps can be red and tender, and they can cause unusual pain due to their unusual shape. Besides being unsightly, bunions could cause impaired balance, hardened skin, restricted motion and altered gait.

13 March 2020

Why You Should Visit a Podiatrist Regularly When You Have Diabetes


Living with diabetes is challenging for most patients. However, with competent medical care, this condition can be managed for the long term. Although some individuals may think that diabetes is simply about one's body being unable to process sugar normally, the reality is that this illness affects other aspects of your health. And one of your body parts that can be particularly hard hit is your feet. Therefore, just as one would seek medical assistance from their GP to manage their diabetes, it is just as critical to enlist podiatric diabetic care too.

9 March 2020

Helpful Tips for Diabetes Feet Care


Many people suffering from diabetes experience foot problems. Although anyone can sustain several feet issues, diabetic people are more prone due to the prolonged periods of high blood sugar levels. The two leading feet issues which arise are peripheral vascular and diabetic neuropathy. The two conditions are easy to manage, although they can bring severe complications, especially when the patient does not get medical attention. Here are smart tips to take care of your feet.

28 October 2019